Species Human
Skin Yellow
Eyes Red

Claudia is a red-eyed witch and shape-shifter, a servant of Bijeli Krvnik. She was once destroyed by Vila Kristina Fragner, but was later resurrected.

Biography Edit

Claudia was born in the 20th century. Her parents are unknown. It is likely she was born in Miter.

She became a servant of Bijeli Krvnik and was a teacher of witch Melosa Lios. Claudia’s friend and romantic interest is vampire Cornelius.

Claudia battled with Kristina before 2007, possibly in 2006.

2007 Edit

In January or February 2007, Claudia attacked Kristina, but was destroyed by her.[1] Claudia’s ash was collected by Melosa, who in September used it to resurrect Claudia. She was successful and Claudia was resurrected.

Claudia managed to lure Kristina to the Fortress of Evil.[2]

Etymology Edit

Claudia is a feminine form of name Claudius, meaning "crippled". This was the name of one Roman Emperor.

References Edit

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