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Morkan (fl. 2007) is a blue skeleton and is a servant of Bijeli Krvnik. He remains an obscure figure in history of Miter.


Morkan’s origins are not known, and it is completely unknown how he appeared on Earth.

He was initially a messenger of Krvnik.

In January or February 2007, Morkan was present at the birth of Mračni. He was hit by Albert and fell into the pit of Mračni.[1] He survived in the dark Mračni’s fluid.

In September or October of the same year, Morkan was used by Krvnik for speaking to Melosa Lios and Mester. He was possessed by Krvnik and his eyes were shining white, but after Krvnik did not need him anymore, a cable that was connecting Morkan to Krvnik cracked and Morkan fell on the ground.[2]


Meaning of Morkan’s name is unknown, but it is possible it is related to the French word mort, meaning "death".

Behind the scenes

  • Although this is nowhere stated in the canon, Morkan was probably created by his master.
  • V. K. was inspired by Skeleton King from Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! when he was creating Morkan.


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